The Moosehead Community Choir has been serenading the Moosehead Lake Region for 60+ years. We’re pleased to provide you with this video of the 2006 Christmas Concert which was held at the Union Church in downtown Greenville.

Be ready to smile! This rare footage is from a football game that was played  on October 24, 1970. The Greenville Lakers hosted the Foxcroft Academy Ponies and both teams were winless at the time.

Produced by Ryan Robbins and the Moosehead Marine Museum, this historical documentary tells the real-life tale of the sunken steamboats and what happened to them, while also providing an overview of steamboating history on Moosehead Lake.

In the spring of 1975, Paul Sawyer captured this remarkable footage at the intersection in downtown Greenville. As a new sewer system was being installed, the town’s major roads were transformed into a messy mix of mud and potholes. Brace yourselves for a bumpy trip back to the good old days!